About the eyecare- Amsler Grid Eye Test

This application is designed for personal monitoring for vision loss from macular degeneration. With daily use of the Eyecare Amsler Grid, small changes in visual function can be identified electronically that may otherwise have gone unnoticed and caused long lasting damage. The Eyecare Amsler Grid uses proprietary technology to identify any changes in your personal Amsler gird and personally notify you of that change almost immediately. With this information you can get the medical care you need and ideally prevent vision loss with the help of your eye care professional. If you don't have an eye care professional to help take care of your vision needs, this application will. Show More... Hide This...

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About Team

Drs. Garoon and Garoon are ophthalmologists in the United States. Dr. Ira Garoon is a board certified, retina fellowship trained ophthalmologist who owns his own private practice in Illinois. With over 30 years of training Dr. Garoon is well known in his community for his efforts at preventing vision loss and blindess. Dr. Robert Garoon is an ophthalmologist in training with future interests in disease of the retina and vitreous. He is especially proud of his efforts focusing on telemedicine and making preventative efforts at vision loss a reality through technology.

Dr. Robert Garoon

Ophthalmologist in Training

Dr. Ira Garoon

Specialist in Diseases of Retina & Vitreous

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Please feel free to send us any questions, comments or concerns you may have with the application, Amsler grid testing, or macular degeneration. We will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. If this is an emergency please seek care from your local eye care specialist.